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About us

Grimanga is a company with a long and consolidated record. To bring us to the beginning of the business group activity, we must look back to the 1980’s, even though the relationship of our president, Mr Domingo Navarro Valverde, with the real estate development dates back to the preceding decade.

The original company founded was GrupoInmobiliario La Manga, S.A. (GRIMANGA, S.A.) whose first activity was an estate agency in La Manga del Mar Menor. Thanks to its unique nature and its privileged location, La Manga was considered ideal to offer the Spanish and European market a tourist and competent proposal.

As a complement to a wide estate offer, our business group also has various facilities and alternative activities available:

968 564 477
Gran Vía, s/n - urb. Puerto y Playa
30820 La Manga del Mar Menor